Clinical Pathology

ZooQuatic Laboratory offers in-depth clinical pathology testing to meet your diagnostic needs. We provide unique solutions to diagnostic challenges for all invertebrates and vertebrates, with special expertise in aquatic species. We are always available for questions, follow-up, and support and take pride in our strong relationships with our clients. When possible, we also support research diagnostic needs with special pricing. Don't see what you are looking for? Please reach out as we are continually developing new services.

Fluid analysis
Fecal analysis
Chemistry Panels
Chemistry- Individual Tests
Chemistry- Electrolytes

Prices effective February 1, 2023 reflect a cash discount of 3%, applicable with payment of invoice by ACH or Check. Prices are subject to change.

Clinical Pathology sample shipping

Sample packaging

Whole blood, plasma, serum, and body fluid samples should be shipped overnight to us on cold-paks. Formalin-fixed blood samples may be shipped cold or ambient. Though slides may be shipped in the same package with cold samples, they should be kept away from direct contact with cold-paks as much as possible as condensation can damage cells. Make sure all materials are clearly labeled and fluids are properly contained in leak-proof tubes, vials, and containers.

Shipping your samples

Samples may be shipped to us at this address:

ZooQuatic Laboratory
701 E. Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

Our loading dock is open Monday through Friday, but for overnight shipments we encourage you to ship no later than Wednesday to ensure your package arrives before the weekend. Many factors can impact shipping times and we want to be sure your precious cargo arrives to us safely. Please include a completed submission form with your package and give us a quick heads up at when you've sent something our way so we can be on the lookout for it.

We know shipping can be expensive, so we offer FedEx billable stamps that can reduce typical shipping costs by up over 50%.