Remote Pathology

ZQ is pleased to offer an in-depth pathology service that provides pathology services beyond the regular submission and interpretation of casework. ZQ’s Remote Pathologist Program pairs you with one of our pathologist that will provide previously agreed upon services on a regular basis to meet your specific needs. The following are just a few examples of what your service could include:

  • Phone/video conferencing to interpret gross necropsy findings or histological reports.
  • The interpretation of images via email or online (e.g. wet mounts, stained cytology, gross necropsy photos).
  • The direct entry of histology reports into ZIMS and case finalization including keeper comment/summary.
  • Prioritization of casework and regular communication regarding it.
  • A quarterly online mortality review of cases with your staff, interns, externs, fellows, and others that you would like to participate.
  • The preparation of SSP or other mortality reviews, as needed
  • Providing photomicrographs, as needed, for completeness of records, publications, sharing with colleagues and more.
  • Active participation in research and diagnostic investigations, and scholarly productivity, e.g., presentations, publications
  • Mentoring students and providing instruction as requested e.g., externs, interns, residents, fellows.
  • Slide and block management- blocks and slides will be returned ready for filing with appropriate labels for the existing archives. This does not include the cost of shipping

Cost of Service

The cost of this program is dependent on the amount of time our pathologist is committed to your work. It is a flexible program and can be changed to meet your evolving needs.