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Hematologic Disorders of Fish
Tonya M. Clauss, DVM, MSa; Alistair D.M. Dove, PhDa; Jill E. Arnold, MS, MT
Most fish health research and medicine traditionally has focused on aquaculture and food fish species.
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Horseshoe Crab Necropsy Guide
Katie Roorda, Jill Arnold, Carol Meteyer, and Brent Whitaker
A guide to the examination and necropsy of the horseshoe crab
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Development of methodology and reference intervals for the analysis of the freeā€ranging Atlantic horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus hemolymph
Jill E. Arnold, Catherine A. Hadfield, Leigh A. Clayton, Carolyn Cray, Darbi Jones, and Mark Payton
This prospective study measured hemolymph values to determine RIs from free-ranging horseshoe crabs during the annual breeding aggregation in Delaware Bay, USA. It is available through through request on ResearchGate using the following link.
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